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Award Winning Flavours & Designs.

Hello, my name is Amna Langah. I am a cake maker and decorator and love all things sweet!

I grew up in rural Iran and picking big, bright scarlet red poppy flowers in their hundreds and making mud cakes in the meadows we called home was one of my favourite pastimes. I always enjoyed baking and making my bakes look pretty. I have come a long way since making my first cake at six.

At university I studied for a masters degree in “Physical Chemistry” and obtained (somewhat shockingly) a distinction. After undertaking a Phd course to study “Hetrogeneous Catalysis”,¬† I spent several years working in scientific sales and online media.

However, I lways felt my career choices were not as rewarding or fulfilling. So, in 2012 I decided to set up our own cake company “Bespoke Cakes and Treats”. Our aim was to provide beautiful, delicious tasting cakes at affordable prices.

Today, we are a proud team of four who work tirelessly to create all these beautiful cakes you see here and on our Instagram page.

Since the beginning of our tremendously exciting  journey, we have been humbled to be a supplier at some of the most prestigious venues in the capital, featured in wedding publications such as Hitched, Wedding Magazine, UK Brides etc, gathering thousands of followers on our social media platforms and also seen us as the exclusive cake supplier to a very famous restaurant run by a celebrity chef for a number of years.

Nonetheless, our most important accomplishment to date is winning our trusted customers’ continued support and love and we hope to maintain this for a long long time to come!

Much Love,


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