Pretty on Budget

Below are some of our wedding cakes perfect for brides and grooms who are looking for a more affordable yet sophisticated design. We take pride in providing the same excellent service and quality on all our cakes. Please be advised, these cakes will be carefully stacked, packaged and are for collection only from our premises in IG3.

All these cakes are priced between £200 – £285. Smaller three tier cakes are in sizes 10″ 8″ 6″ and larger three tier cakes are in sizes 12″ 9″ 6″.  All the flowers and decorations on the cake are included in the price. Cake toppers are usually provided by the clients and hence not included in the price. Fresh flowers will be supplied separately to retain their freshness and easy transport. Colours are customisbale. However, dusky pink fresh flowers will incur an extra charge of £15.

Please be advised buttercream cakes and naked cakes, due to their fragile nature, are not available for delivery from May until late September.

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